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The company is focused on helping organizations to achieve business goals and be the best they can be.

Creative Websites

Our concept is to make every website that We build attractive and unique, to stand out from the crowd. ,We create Modern Design that brings out the best in your business. Good designs for great impact and cutomer Attraction.

“Attractive website shows professionalism”

Fast Website Hosting

A website that is hosted by WebAddis is optimized for High performance, The company offers Reliable and secure Webhosting servers with flexible space option for your business.

“Nobody Likes a Slow old Website”

Grow Your Business

WebAddis designs effective and reliable websites that lead to higher visitor engagement, retention and conversions, More business opportunities, and more revenue

“Higher conversions lead to higher revenue”

Webaddis Web Solutions Services

The company offers professional website services for small, medium and large sized organizations.

Create Website in Addis

Website Design

Great design inspires users to take action. Attract your customers with a professional, modern and beautiful well-designed Website.

Web Hosting Service Provider

Website Hosting

Web hosting should be consistently reliable, and have quick, efficient loads that keep your website always up and running with full performance capabilities.

Register Domain Name in Addis

Domain Name Regestration

Domain name represents your business name, brand and message. Create your online identity and present it simply and easily.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a tool that takes your website to the top of the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Customers find you when they search online for your products.

Why Web Services from Webaddis!

Resons to hire Webaddis

Customer Focused

The Webaddis customer service team love to spend the time talking to our customers face to face and solve their problems quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.


Webaddis has a highly motivated team that always provides you with professional and skilled services with excellent quality projects.


Webaddis offers unique and creative solutions that meet your expectations, Deliveryour brand image and achive your business goals.

Cost Effective

Webaddis offers high quality services that are very cost effective, reliable and affordable for small, medium and large sized organizations.

Why to hire Web Addis

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